When Pet Owners Can’t Afford Veterinary Bills

New financial aid resources for pet owners in Canada

Here are resources in Canada where pet parents can turn for financial assistance with veterinary bills.

The Farley Foundation – This program was founded in 2001 by artist and cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, who writes the syndicated comic strip, For Better or For Worse®. The foundation subsidizes the cost of non-elective veterinary care for pets whose families live in Ontario.

Kona’s Coalition – This organization provides financial aid for acute veterinary care. They do not cover funds for ongoing illnesses such as cancer or routine care.

Land of PureGold Foundation – Financial aid for this program is pretty specific. They award $1,000 grants in Canada and the USA to pay for oncology related expenses for working dogs. To qualify dogs must have been active, full-time working dogs in the fields of: detection, search and rescue, law enforcement, military or animal-assisted therapy.

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society – ACTSS subsidizes the cost of cancer treatment for pets living in Alberta.

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