When Pet Owners Can’t Afford Veterinary Bills

I discovered there are lots of wonderful agencies that offer financial aid to pet parents. Most of the organizations are set up to provide grant money to pay for veterinary bills and some are based on the type of health problem your dog or cat has, but ALL of them offer the exact kind of help owners need most often.

New Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc. – Grants are awarded for sick and injured pets whom, otherwise would not be treated due to the finances of their owners. Their vision is to eliminate the euthanasia of pets because of economics. Applicants must meet these criteria: Have verifiable financial need, denied by CareCredit or a similar program, and have a favorable prognosis from a veterinarian.

Banfield Charitable Trust HOPE Fund – The pet must be a patient at a Banfield Pet Hospital and funds are determined by each clinic.

The Big Hearts Fund – Financial aid for dogs and cats with heart disease.

Brown Dog Foundation – This agency assists with the cost of prescription medications.

Violet’s Friends – This grant program from Oscar Newman LLC gives aid for urgent and critical veterinary care. Grants assist with surgery, therapy and mobility problems. The group is part of Pets With Disabilities, a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehomes disabled dogs.

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund – The group helps with the treatment of dogs and cats with cancer.

American Veterinary Care Charitable Fund – A grant for this program must be submitted by a veterinarian. The program was created as a way to give veterinarians a way to offer charitable services to clients facing financial hardships. Aid is geared toward senior citizens, disabled veterans, rescued animals and victims of domestic violence.

Dylan’s Hearts – A nonprofit agency that aids families struggling financially to pay for veterinary care.

Friends & Vets – This organization assists when your pet needs financial help for “extraordinary” veterinary expenses to save their life.

Harley’s Hope Foundation – A group that gives financial aid for major illnesses and emergency veterinary care.

Hope Mending Heart – A grant program started by a veterinarian to help pet parents afford surgery and post-operative care.

Pet Assistance, Inc. – PAi provides emergency veterinary subsidies to pet owners in financial need. Pets must have a good prognosis.

Magic Bullet Fund – The group provides assistance for dogs fighting cancer.

Paws 4 A Cure – A nonprofit group that aids families whose dogs and cats are in need of non-routine veterinary care.

Wag! Community Pet Surgery Donation Program – This is a new twist for financial aid. It is a crowdfunding community that raises money for pet owners with unforeseen and costly pet surgery bills. These are emergency grants. Applicants must have their own GoFundMe, PlumFund or PetChance account.

The Pet Fund – A nonprofit group that provides assistance to pets in need of veterinary care for cancer treatment, heart disease and other non-basic or emergency care.

RedRover Relief – This nonprofit organization offers grant money so pet caregivers can afford urgent and emergency veterinary treatment for their pets.

Shakespeare Animal Fund – An agency that helps pets and their people in need.

The Gandalf Fund – This program offers financial aid for working and retired assistance dogs who have suffered an acute or prolonged illness or injury.

The Humane Society of the United States and RedRover also offer comprehensive state-by-state lists of pet financial aid organizations.

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