When Pet Owners Can’t Afford Veterinary Bills

This isn’t the first time I’ve received a request for financial help from a pet parent and it’s not the first time I’ve heard about the paradox between the lifesaving treatments modern veterinary medicine has to offer and the ability of people to afford them.

This dilemma started me on a journey to find some answers. I realized there must be countless pet owners trying to track down organizations that can help. The task reminded me of all the scholarships that are available to students, but go unused because people don’t know where to find them. I knew aid was out there if I searched hard enough.

The first and most obvious answer to the problem popped up on the Internet right away. Veterinary bills can be contained with pet insurance. I’m an advocate of insurance for dogs and cats, but I also know from personal experience that many of the policies have limitations; especially when it comes to long term rehabilitation therapy and ongoing care. So I dug deeper to find organizations that were set up to provide assistance.

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