What ever happened to Alex from Target?

If you were on Twitter, or not, in 2014, chances are you are familiar with Alex LaBeouf aka Alex from Target. The 16-year-old’s life was turned completely upside down one day when he was working a shift at Target behind the cash register. He was just bagging some merchandise, when a teenage girl who thought he was cute decided to snap a photo of him and post it on Twitter. By the end of the shift, the post had already been retweeted thousands of times and “Alex from Target” was born.

Alex’s life took a dramatic turn shortly after, and he became a celebrity in less than 24 hours. In just one day, his Twitter page went from 144 followers to 5,000. By the end of the week, it had already reached close to a million. Alex, who was flattered by the sudden attention, did not know what to think of this new sudden fame. Although he initially thought it would all blow over, when he got a call from Ellen Degeneres, he knew it was only the beginning.

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