Mom Tips From a Single Mother of 8

Aimee Cole, a native Torontonian, is the mother of eight children.

Cole spent years as an investment banker, but ten years ago her career changed direction when she helped start up a successful online clothing store. Although a self-described workaholic, Cole started feeling like she was missing out on life, and so after evaluating her priorities, she sold off her share in the company and retired. “I’ve never been married, rarely ever date. Didn’t have time for love,” she jokes, “but I had so much love in my heart, I had to share it.” And Cole indeed shared that love. She flew down to Michigan, where she had read had laxer adoption laws, intending to adopt two children. “When I got there, and saw what these poor kids had to live with, I knew almost instantly that only adopting two was out of the question.” So Cole did the only thing she thought she could, and adopted eight children. “I had to stay there for a few weeks, signing papers, meeting with lawyers, the whole thing. When we were finally done and ready to head home to Toronto, it was the first time any of the children had been on a plane.”

Cale is now a full-time mother of eight. Raising eight children as a single mother can be a stressful in itself, let alone while also working. Here are Aimee’s tips to help single mothers cope.

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