Millionaire Spends $1.13M to Bring 58 Syrian Refugee Families to Canada

Eventually, 58 families were chosen and 47 have already arrived in the country. Once Estill gets everyone settled, he wants to begin another cycle of around 50 families. This could go on indefinitely, depending on the need and Estill’s stamina.

His courage and persistence have inspired people in Guelph, the small town where he lives. Around 800 volunteers help the refugees get used to their new circumstances. Job training programs and English-language courses are available and each family has access to an Arabic translator. Donations are pouring in, as well, to help keep refugees comfortable.

Estill himself seems to be doing all he can to accommodate refugees. He seeks out opportunities for them, introduces them to people and services, pays for their needs, and, perhaps above all, is a constant source of neighborly warmth.

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