Millionaire Spends $1.13 million to Bring 58 Syrian Refugee Families to Canada

Elsewhere in the world this would be difficult, but Canada has an unusually open-armed approach to refugees. For example, as the rest of the world fretted about taking in Syrian refugees in 2015, Canada was fretting that its pace of acceptance was too slow.
And in Canada, the whole process is less bureaucratic, with more urgency to reflect the dire situation of refugees. Whereas in the US, Syrian refugees must go through a rigorous, years-long gauntlet of vetting, the Canadian government expedites the process if citizens are willing to help out. The government funds its own refugee resettlement program, but citizens are able to pitch in for more refugees.

“Canada is committed to working to help facilitate a stronger global response to the ongoing refugee and migration crises,” said John McCallum, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship in Canada. “We have seen first-hand how many Canadian citizens have come forward to sponsor refugees from around the world, and we want to encourage and support other states to engage their citizens to do the same.”

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